Thursday, March 25, 2010

Poor Sandy.

Thanks Jessie...Your buddy Tiger.

Seems like a week doesn't go by without one jerk taking over for another by cheating on his wife and creating a scandal. One would think that having Sandra Bullock for your wife is all one would need, but I guess Jessie just wasn't satisfied. I would be happy to come home to Halle Berry, but for her husbands the novelty wore off in a hurry.

Times were that people cared about their reputation. Now it is all about entitlement; who has how much, who can get what and who cares how we are perceived by others.

I have a hard time feeling sorry for the victims in all this. The women are, after all, adults and should make responsible decisions. When they don't, they have to live with them. Elin Woods married a narcissist, Sandra Bullock married a guy with whole body tattoos who was married to a porn star. What did they expect? Public humiliation comes with the territory from leading a public life. At least they don't have to pretend they are something they are not. They are just a couple of stupid women who thought they could trust rich and powerful men to be faithful. Ladies these guys didn't get rich and powerful by being honest and good!

The irony is how these victims tend to profit from being victims. Sandra Bullock's career will prosper more than before. Elin Woods will be richer now that she is in control. The politicians wives write quickie books and do the talk show circuit. Being a victim pays quite well. Even the perps, the porn stars, the strippers and the other women seem to do better than before. I guess there is no such thing as bad publicity. Of course, these public martyrs don't have to raise three kids on child support post divorce like average victims. They'll thrive.

I would be disingenuous if I were to say that I didn't enjoy watching all this unfold. To me it is tantamount to having court jesters perform for our amusement. When bad things happen to rich and powerful people it does give us little people some sense there is a balance to life. I just wish we could all take more moral guidance from all this, but we don't. Nothing changes. Commitment in relationships seems to be a bygone concept and defecating on oneself in public no longer seems to carry a stench. Christian values seem to elude the Catholic Church and wedding vows are for losers.

Are any of us really surprised by this state of affairs. I think Bill Clinton pretty much lowered the bar to where it is today. The most powerful man in the free world caught, literally, with his pants down and lying to us on national TV, taking us all for fools. Hasn't seemed to hurt him much in the grand scheme of things, he's a humanitarian, except when it comes to his wife. What is Hilary a cyborg?

There is a price to be paid, however. Being an atheist, I'm not a spiritual person with one exception. I do believe in Karma. I don't think anything good comes from hurting someone else. If bedding strippers and porno stars is what you need for emotional fulfillment, then there has to a deeper issue there, why the need to flagellate? Maybe Tiger will fill us in once he has completed his sex addiction therapy and gets a handle on it all. Or maybe this man who has made a billion from the public will just tell us it's a private matter.

We live in a strange society where all sorts of things that were once considered taboo and perverse seem to be okay now. But, living fast and lose takes it's toll; reference Ted Kennedy. That guy looked like a walking corpse twenty years before he died. Is it any wonder his head exploded? A life of debauchery does tend to catch up to us. Oscar Wilde understood that. Eventually the picture emerges from the attic. These flawed men who find women who love them will probably only find them once. In the end they will live and die alone with no one close to them who really cares and the past never forgetting them. Clinton will be known for Monica, Teddy for Chappaquiddick, Tiger for....pick a slut and Jessie for Bombshell McGee. From now on cheating on one's spouse, in urban vernacular, will be known as going for a hike.

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