Monday, April 19, 2010

William Ayers, Please Go Away

Now Bill Ayers is going to sue the University of Wyoming for not letting him speak. If this is a breach of contract case and Ayers wants to be paid, I support him. If he is just trying to make some social/political statement, then I wish he wouldn't.

Fact is, we all must live with our pasts no matter how much good we do in between then and now. Ayer's past has a little more infamy that most of us, so it is no surprise that it has followed him into the present. Apparently, Ayers has done some good things in the field of education. Glad to hear that, but if the activist itch is still there, then he is going to have to play the cards he dealt himself.

I don't see any reason why Ayers can't go to Wyoming and stand somewhere on campus, set up a soapbox and talk all he wants. I don't think UW (or is it WU) can prevent him from doing his free speech thing there. If he is interested in doing something political by suing the University, then I wish he wouldn't. Ayers got a new life of sorts by virtue of his association with Obama. Maybe he was content to be underground for all these years and didn't want his new found notoriety. Regardless, he seems to be getting that ole' urge to be socially active again. I wish he wouldn't.

Bill, please go away.

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