Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What's So Supreme About It?

It seems like Obama is trying to think outside the lines about appointing a new Supreme Court justice. Taking into consideration the trials and troubles Presidents face when trying to get anyone confirmed, he opted for a safe choice. The Republicans have little to challenge this woman on and will just appear silly if they draw out the process, probably annoying most women voters along the way. She has no judicial history, and so far all they can come up with is her apprehension about allowing military recruiters on campus to solicit students.

I think it is a good idea to appoint someone who is relatively young, brings a fresh perspective and might actually consider the practical aspects of ruling on landmark cases. It is obvious that Roberts and the boys are oblivious to the real world implications of what they do . Last time I checked corporations are fictitious entities, but according to Roberts et. al. corporations have the same rights as individuals to express free speech under the Constitution. What next, Santa Claus can run for Congress? Oh, wait, Congress already acts like Santa Claus when it comes to giving away tax dollars and friendly legislation to donors.

The Supreme Court should be the voice of reason and wisdom when it comes to the dog and pony show we see in Congress more often than not. They shouldn't be political and should reflect the national conscience when it comes to things like making war, interfering with personal liberties and legislators basically taking bribes from contributors. Guys, most of us on main street are against it.

It has frequently been stated that if women ran the country there would be no war. Maybe this woman will bring the right influence and temperament to the court that is sorely needed to make that a reality.

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