Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mel Gibson and Me.

Mel Gibson is an incredibly talented filmmaker and actor. I still love to watch the movie Payback every few months. Okay, I do admit Lucy Liu playing a Dominatrix has something to do with my repeated viewings, but Mel is good in that movie also.

It can be assumed that Gibson has more money than he ever dreamed of when he first came to us as Mad Max. He has enjoyed and endured fame for decades and also, apparently battled the bottle. Gibson has probably had it all and now struggles emotionally, as a lot of us older guys do, with finding some semblance of balance to all that has gone on in our lives. No one gets past five decades without making a lot of mistakes, putting a load on one's conscience and doing some damage to ourselves and others. Some call it life. If one lives dynamically, meaning taking chances, pursuing dreams, not settling for less....then they have the scars to show for it. They also have a dilemma later in life. The dilemma surrounds the question, "what do I do now." I know this question well. Recently I received a very generous gift card and lamented that there was nothing that I really wanted to buy with it. I have thought about buying another motorcycle, but I always think older guys look foolish just going out on their bikes and riding around with no destination or purpose in mind. I've had pretty much every type of car I ever wanted to own and, Lucy Liu aside, there is nothing I haven't' done with or to a woman that haven't wanted to do.

So, once again, the dilemma. How does an older guy who has lived fast and hard, entertain himself. Mel dumped the long term wife and tried the younger Russian trollop route. No surprise that apparently she was in for the kid and the long term child support payment from the wealthy older guy. What did he expect true love from this bimbo? No I suspect that Mel is at sea. He has too much money, too much experience and way too much time on his hands. He is having a hard time entertaining himself, so he drinks to fill in the hours, gets angry and rants. He rants at the frustration that comes with fulfilling one's dreams and having little or no desire left. It also comes with the fact that with age and experience comes something that is quite insidious and evil; the truth. Mel probably has a good handle on what people really are and how the world truly is and neither is very appealing. Those who are young and idealistic like to think there is hope for mankind and for the world, despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary. Having plied his trade in Hollywood, Mel has seen first hand the evil that is man when there is money to be sniffed. He has seen the backstabbing, the greed and the manipulation. Is it any wonder that Mel seems to hate most everyone? He has seen how people use their status as Jews, black, women to try to gain advantage or excuse bad behavior.

Mel to a large extent is being vilified because his in vino veritas is something that most have a very hard time with, so instead of daring to acknowledge his behavior and statements as being reflective of the society we live in, most prefer to revile him. Talk to me about the relationship that has not had heated arguments with malicious, slur-filled comments. Talk to me about the one person out there who has not stereotyped a race, a creed, a color, a nationality, a fat person or a woman. Talk to me about the one person who has not gotten drunk and acted the fool. Or how about anyone given some power and privilege who has not tried to exert it.

We all like to condemn bad behavior, bad language and bad thoughts, yet we are not anxious to admit that we are all guilty of each of these. I saw Jesse Jackson on TV talking about how the owner of LeBron James former team was analogous to a slave owners. The same Jesse Jackson who referred to New York as "hymie" town and kept a secret mistress and love child for years.
I like Mel Gibson as an actor, always have. I also like him as a person, a flawed person who isn't pretending to be something he is not, ala Jesse Jackson. Instead of reviling those who reveal themselves, perhaps it is time we should more closely examine those who would organize the crucible and see what attitudes hide within.

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