Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gay Or Not To Be Gay, That Is The Question - Mark Kirk

There is supposition that Mark Kirk, Senate wannabe from Illinois is Gay. Gay or straight, we do know for sure that Kirk is a liar, not that you can't assume that about most any politician.

I disagree with those who say that politicians personal lives are their own business. I think anyone who is asking for the trust of the voters to represent us should be willing to be open and honest about every aspect of their lives. The paradox is that this is what keeps a lot of good people from running for office; they like having their privacy. I also don't believe that one's sexual exploits necessarily disqualifies them from being a good representative. I, for one, wish that Jack Ryan had stayed in the race against Obama.

What I prefer is honesty. I didn't really care that Clinton was a horn dog, but I found it patently insulting that he lied about it. Same goes for Tiger Woods, John Edwards and all the rest. Years ago when Billie Jean King got outed she held a press conference and just admitted everything. It was refreshing and became an immediate non-issue. Of course BJK is a class act, something that cannot be said for the rest who just can't own up to the truth.

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