Friday, June 4, 2010

A Special Place In Hell

Joran Van Der Sloot the primary suspect in the disappearance, and I guess now we can assume murder, of Natalie Holloway was arrested yesterday in connection with the murder of a young Peruvian woman. The woman's body was found beaten and stabbed wrapped in a blanket in Van Der Sloot's hotel room.

Eerily enough this all happened almost five years to the day when Natalie Holloway disappeared in Aruba. Apparently Van Der Sloot's m.o. would be to pick up young woman at night spots, administer a date rape drug and then murder them. Van Der Sloot has traveled much of the world and one can only wonder about the trail of dead bodies that he has left behind, bodies of young women who had no families to care perhaps.

I have little doubt this young man qualifies as a sociopath. His demeanor during the months following Holloway's murder revealed someone with little or no conscience who seemed to enjoy the media attention. Once back in his native Holland and feeling confident that he had gotten away with his crime, he even gave a video-taped confession to an undercover reporter.

As with most sociopath serial killers, Van Der Sloot couldn't stop himself. He had to indulge the urge to kill again and his narcissistic personality or subconscious desire to be caught left a gruesome murder scene replete with clues pointing in his direction. Very sloppy this time leaving a body and blood and video evidence galore.

Van Der Sloot will now inhabit some Peruvian jail pending trial and a potential life sentence. One can only hope that Van Der Sloot feels some sense of morality and tells the truth about Natalie Holloway to give her family some closure. It would be nice if he outed the Kalpo brothers and anyone else involved in Holloway's murder, so that all those responsible are punished, as well, but I doubt he will feel any remorse.

Coincidentally, I recently watched the DVD of Lovely Bones a movie dealing with the murder of a young girl. The movie drew a good counterpoint to the good and evil of the world, suggesting that one cannot exist without the other. Just the other day DNA evidence led to charges against a man in Illinois in connection with the rape and murder of a six year old girl several years back. I shudder to think of the statistics nationwide of these types of crimes. There are a lot of Van Der Sloots out there.

There is a lot of evil in the world and a lot of evil people. Those who believe in a God and practice a religion can probably find some explanation that makes sense. Lovely Bones was very good at putting a spiritual spin on the heinous. I cannot. I can't imagine what motivates someone to kill an innocent woman or a child and then to just dump the body into a river or the sea. I can't find a spiritual or a rational meaning to all this. This is a special kind of evil, no doubt. Being an atheist I don't believe in Heaven or Hell, but when I consider someone like Van Der Sloot, I do wish there was a Hell; a special Hell, maybe that Hell is in Peru.

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