Friday, June 25, 2010

A Journalist In Need of A Pole

If ever you doubt that television news journalism is dead tune in some morning to HLN Morning Express with Robin Meade. Every morning Robin Meade, the resident newswoman/journalist, as she is billed, treats the viewer, and we can assume mostly male viewers in the 18-34 year old age range, to some of the best eye candy west of the beltway. Ms. Meade gravitates about the set in a variety of provocative outfits, usually consisting of tight sweaters, tighter fitting skirts, high heels and often times stiletto-heeled animal print boots. Her jewelry blings and she makes the most of the finest hair extensions and wigs. Each morning Ms. Meade cackles her way through the news making one forget the serious nature of war and oil spills, drawing our attention to her silky smooth legs, luscious lips and deep hypnotic eyes. Ms. Meade is indeed a distraction of the finest sort when it comes to female newswomen/journalists. There is little left to the imagination when one tunes in to Ms. Meade. CNN has made sure of that. This is not a case of arcane titillation, this is in your face cable news lap dancing from the core. I will not be surprised one day to wake up to a redecorated set featuring pounding techno rhythm and Ms. Meade working the pole. You go girl, but I think I'll go with Candy Crowley and no pole.

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